Western Cape

Members and Friends of We are all Church Western Cape meet on the first Saturday of every month, excluding January, from 1000 to 1200 at Elloughton House, behind the Methodist Church, Main Road, Rosebank.

Public Lectures are held three or four times a year in the CK Storey Hall, behind the Methodist Church, usually on a Wednesday at 1930.

Access to both venues is via Chapel Road.

House-Church: Some members have started a house-church that meets once a month in members’ homes. The thinking behind this is that in addition to WAACSA’s main mission we should also make time to come together for prayer. “At our house-church meetings we reflect on our Christian faith and life and share our problems and ideals. One of us introduces a topic or theme, usually after a psalm or some spiritual reading. We then spend ten minutes or so in silence meditating or reflecting. And then we engage in conversation around the theme. The meeting ends with a short common prayer. The group is small and members feel free to say what they really think and feel without fear of rejection”

For further enquiries, or to be put on a mailing list for the different activities, please contact the Western Cape regional coordinator at westerncape@weareallchurch.co.za