The excommunication of Martha Heizer and several other Catholic reform leaders in recent times is a sign of the widening divisions in the Church which threaten to bring on another Reformation. Many Catholics have become frustrated with the suppression of dialogue in the Church. Those who speak out are either ignored or side-lined, while those who publicly dissent are at risk of excommunication. WAACSA calls for an urgent opening up of dialogue in the universal Church and in local churches, a decentralisation of power, and an understanding of power as service to others. No matter what means Catholics use to express their frustration, in the end everyone in the Church must listen respectfully to each other with conciliation rather than judgment in mind, if we wish to spread the reign of God.

WAACSA has chosen to work for reform in the Church from within by promoting dialogue. WAACSA will support the current teachings and practices of the Church until the People of God have reached consensus about change, as demonstrated at the Second Vatican Council.

31 August 2014