International Catholic Church Reform Group Affirms Pope Francis’ Call for New Church Structure

 Contacts:             Marianne Duddy-Burke,, +1 617 669 7810

Christian Weisner,, +49 172 5184082


We Are Church International (IMWAC), representing Church reform organizations from around the world, opened its 2016 meeting in Rome with a public witness at Caius Cestius Pyramid. The prayer vigil expressed support for the concept of an “inverted pyramid” model of Church, as expressed by Pope Francis in an October 2015 speech.


Colm Holmes of We Are Church Ireland, who coordinated the vigil said, “It is very exciting to hear Pope Francis talking about the kind of Church that We Are Church has long envisioned. The Pope and the Bishops should act as the servants of the people of God, rather than their superiors. We believe that reflects the Gospel, especially how Jesus modeled service to one another by the washing of the feet at the Last Supper.”


Sigrid Grabmeier of Germany, Chair of We Are Church International, added, “We Are Church fully endorses the inverted pyramid model of Church. We will work and pray every day for a Church that is service-oriented rather than focused on enforced compliance.