A Panel Discussion will be held on “Francis versus the Vatican: Startling Revelations about the “Gay Lobby” on Tuesday 11th June 2019, 7.30pm. 

The Panel will discuss the implications of the “secrets” revealed in the book recently published by Frederic Martel: In the Closet of the Vatican: Power, Homosexuality, Hypocrisy. Over 4 years Martel, a French writer and journalist, interviewed 41 cardinals, 52 bishops and monsignori, and 45 nuncios and foreign ambassadors, as well as hundreds of others in more than 30 countries. Martel wanted to shine a spotlight on the hypocrisy of a Church which condemns the practice of homosexuality while a very particular ‘genre’ of gay clergy engage in it on a massive scale. This ‘genre’, he asserts, is a majority of those in the College of Cardinals and the Vatican. Pope Francis understands exactly what is going on and is doing all he can to change the culture of this secretive gay closet

Panellists: Fr Russell Pollitt SJ, Clinical Psychologist Sheila Cowburn, & Adv Mike Pothier

Fr Russell is Director of the Jesuit Institute South Africa and Editor-in-Chief of Spotlight.Africa

Sheila Cowburn is a clinical psychologist in private practice

Mike Pothier is an advocate of the High Court and Programme Manager of the Catholic Parliamentary Liaison Office

Venue: CK Storey Hall, behind the Methodist Church, Main Road, Rosebank. Entrance and parking via Chapel Road

Enquiries: westerncape@weareallchurch.co.zamailto:westerncape@wearealchurch.co.za