You are invited to a talk by Prof Jan Jans on Saturday 30 March at 10h00 on “Secularisation – or: How Religion is giving way to Spirituality”

The starting point for this lecture is the sociological fact that the numbers of people who admit or profess organized religious affiliation in The Low Countries (the Netherlands and Belgium) has dropped sharply since the 1960ties. Next, the work of Dobbelaere and Casanova on the various dimensions and meanings of this secularization is used in order to understand the decline of the so-called ‘pillars’ and the more or less parallel rise of spirituality (~ ‘believing without belonging’). In this light, the final section reflects on the ongoing processes of de-traditionalization and pluralization in line with the thesis of Peter Berger on ‘the many altars of modernity’.

Prof Jan Jans is Associate Professor of Ethics at Tilburg University in the Netherlands

Venue: CK Storey Hall, behind the Methodist Church, Rosebank, Cape Town