You are invited to a lecture by Brian Jacoby at Kolbe House Catholic Chaplaincy, Grotto Road, Rondebosch, on Friday 18th September at 1930:

Does the Big Bang Theory change our understanding of God?”

Science has given humankind a good understanding of the processes involved in the evolution of the universe from Big Bang to today. Scientists generally agree that the universe emerged from a unique point and is undergoing complex processes; that it is much older and bigger than we ever suspected; that it is self-creating and self-organising; that it is law-abiding yet open to chaos; and that it is incomplete and still under construction. This story of science challenges our traditional understanding of God and our place in the universe. The speaker will briefly take each of these points, and try to discern a spiritual aspect, which will compel us to a sense of mystery and awe.

Brian Jacoby is a (semi-retired) high school physical science teacher and has taught at several leading schools. Besides physics and chemistry, he also has a background in philosophy and theology. In 1990 he was awarded a Master of Philosophy degree from UCT on the philosophy of science education. He describes himself as a very critical Catholic Christian, who is still searching. His interests are astronomy, human origins, music and mountain hiking.