In the year 2000, Patricia did a course with Dr Neil Douglas-Klotz on the original Aramaic version of the Christian scriptures (usually called the New Testament), and since then she has continued to work on direct translations from the Aramaic, which throw a whole new light on what Jesus actually said and give us a different understanding of Jesus himself and his images of God.  One area of particular interest is the Aramaic version of the Our Father, and also of the Beatitudes.  The “I am” sayings from John’s Gospel, too, give us a whole new insight when translated from the Aramaic that Jesus spoke.  In Greek they are called the “Ego eimi” sayings; in Aramaic they begin with “Inana”, which is very meaningful, as she will explain.  For her slide presentation to us Patricia has chosen the well-known verse from John 14, 6:  I am the way, the truth and the life. She hopes you will be as excited as she is, to discover the deeper meaning of Jesus’ words.

Dr Patricia Fresen is a member of the Roman Catholic Women Priests’ Movement.  There are about 350 ordained women in this Movement, most of whom are in the USA and Canada, but there is a small group in South Africa.  Before that, Patricia was a Dominican, of the King William’s Town Congregation, and after studying theology in Rome, she taught theology at the seminary in Pretoria.  She has given talks at some of the progressive Catholic Movements in the USA and Canada, like CALL TO ACTION and CANWE (Canadian Women for Equality)

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