Dr Nontando Hadebe will speak at our Zoom Meeting on Saturday 2nd October 10h00 about the book she has just finished co-editing: “A Time Like No Other: Covid-19 in Women’s Voices”. The book tells stories of women in South Africa during the Covid-19 pandemic and brings together ordinary stories of women with theological reflections from women theologians. Attached is the foreword to the book, and additional information about the book can be accessed on the website of “We Will Speak Out South Africa”:  https://wwsosa.org.za/content/time-no-other-covid-19-women%E2%80%99s-voices.

Hard copies of the book are available from Nontando for a donation of R150.

Nontando is a lay theologian and a part-time lecturer at St Augustine College in Johannesburg

The Zoom link will be sent only to those who register for the meeting

Enquiries: westerncape@weareallchurch.co.za