You are invited to a talk by  Anselm Prior OFM


The Development of Doctrine: Whose Responsibility?


Saturday 21 April 2018

9.30 for 10.00, finishing at 12.15

Venue to be confirmed

There will be ample opportunity for questions and discussion after the talk.


RSVP by Thursday 19 April


Douglas Irvine                        sms 082 330 3043         


Fr Anselm says:I shall challenge the notion of hierarchy and emphasise the role of the laity in the development of church teaching. I wish to show that the hierarchical model of St. Ignatius of Antioch was not the only model of church leadership in the early church. I shall rely on John Henry Newman’s writing to show the necessity of the development of our understanding of the faith according to the culture and milieu in which we live. Pope John XXIII’s distinction between faith and its description will be utilised to facilitate discussion.I’m hoping that through our exchange of ideas we may find ways of putting these thoughts into practice here in the South African Church”.

Entrance is free

Donations are welcome. Suggested amount R50


WE ARE ALL CHURCH (WAACSA) is a movement of Catholics in South Africa who are committed to the Gospel message, and the ongoing renewal of the Church initiated by the Second Vatican Council.

OUR VISION is of a Church of love, mercy and justice in which the voices of all its members can be heard and valued in a spirit of co-responsibility, and which is fully engaged with a changing world.

OUR MISSION is to help strengthen and support the mission of the Church, especially in South Africa and in our local churches, through promoting dialogue and empowering lay people in particular to take up more responsible and informed roles as evangelising Christians.


When WAACA was formed, we adopted Denis Hurley’s episcopal motto: “Ubi spiritus, ibi libertas” (2 Cor 3:17)