WAACSA Gauteng’s first “in-house” meeting will take place on Saturday 24 February , as notified previously.


Date & time:   Saturday morning 24 February – 9.30 for 10.00, till 12.15

Venue:                 Rosebank Catholic Church, Community Centre, Keyes Avenue


Please try to bring someone who may be interested in WAACSA but isn’t on the mailing list. We need to do some serious recruitment if we’re to expand our  mission!


RSVP by Thursday 22 February            gauteng@weareallchurch.co.za


Brian Robertson has suggested that in 2018 our WAACSA groups in the Cape and Gauteng should aim to focus more closely on theology, scripture and Church practices in the context of renewal and reform.


For the Cape group’s first meeting (at the beginning of February), Brian undertook to lead a discussion on “The Church We Want”, to start the ball rolling. To prepare for the discussion, he invited people to consider five questions before the meeting and to jot down no more than 3 points for each question.


I think it could be very helpful for us to follow the same procedure for our own first meeting this year. I’m happy to lead our discussion. Below are the questions that Brian posed.




1.What do you think God would be most concerned about regarding our world today, particularly in our country? (What are the “signs of our times”?)


2. What do you think Jesus would try to do about it if he was in South Africa today – what would his mission be?


3. How do you think Jesus would like the church – but more specifically the Catholic Church – to respond to his mission?


4. How do you think Jesus would like us as Catholic Christians to respond to his mission?


5. What are the implications of all of the above for WAACSA and our mission?