Our next WAACSA Gauteng meeting will be on Saturday morning 18th May at the Rosebank Catholic Church Community Centre, 9.30 for 10.00 – 12.15.  RSVP by 16 May.

 After the Easter break, we now resume our monthly meetings.  As you know, as far as possible I try to arrange that these take place on the third Saturday of the month (some of our members are involved in other regular meetings on the first and second Saturdays). Please let me know (a) if the third Saturday is difficult for you on a regular basis, and (b) whether the fourth Saturday would present similar  difficulties. I know full well that we can’t please everyone, but the greatest happiness of the greatest number is a good practical principle.

On 18th May, our topic for discussion will be the role of lay people in the Church; and I would like to explore the idea of organising a national conference  on this issue in 2020 – WAACSA’s tenth anniversary, incidentally.( Perhaps we could call it 20:20 Vision for the Church!) I ran this idea past our WAACSA coordinators in Cape Town and Durban, and met with a very positive response.

Enquiries: gauteng@weareallchurch.co.za