You are invited to the Augustine Shutte Memorial Lecture on Tuesday 25 April 7.30pm at the CK Storey Hall, behind the Methodist Church, Chapel Road, Rosebank, Cape.

Brian Jacoby will speak on on “Does God Intervene in our Lives?

We want to say: “Yes, of course God intervenes!” Science tells us otherwise.

 Science must be taken seriously by Christians in today’s world. Nobody, not even God, can tinker with the physical laws. Therefore divine activity is definitely non-interventionist. (NIODA = Non-Interventionist Objective interpretation of Divine Activity)

 How then can we make sense of the Incarnation? And what about prayer and miracles? Traditionally we have thought of the Incarnation as God intervening in human affairs.

 This slide-talk will briefly explore some answers to these questions, especially how the Incarnation can be understood in a non-interventionist way. The ideas presented will be based on the leading-edge work done over the past 30 years by the Vatican Observatory and their team of top international experts in theology, philosophy and science.

 The conclusion is that non-interventionist divine activity only makes sense if we look for the answer in a surprising place: human consciousness and freedom.