You are invited to a Public Lecture by Fr Gerry Walmsley on Tuesday 25 October at  7.30pm on Authentic Spirituality/s in a Secular Age: a Catholic Response

Interest in spirituality has grown tremendously  despite the fact that we live in a ‘secular age’.  But spiritualities differ enormously. We  find New Age and Secular Spiritualities and Spiritualities of various World Religions. Where does Catholic Spirituality fit in the spectrum. What is ‘authentic’ catholic spirituality? The popular refrain ‘ I am spiritual but not religious’ will serve as the starting point for the inquiry. I will argue that catholic spirituality cannot accept this distinction/separation. In addition I will raise the question ‘Why not be a mystic?’ I argue that everyone needs an element of mysticism as the ultimate stage in spiritual growth.

Gerard Walmsley has held the Copelston chair of Philosophy at St Augustine College. He has taught philosophy in Zimbabwe and South Africa for over 20 years. His areas of interest include philosophical pluralism and Lonergan studies, epistemology and ethics, the relation of philosophy to theology. He continues to teach philosophy and also acts as chaplain to UWC and CPUT.

Venue: CK Storey Hall, behind the Methodist Church on Main Road, Rosebank, Cape. Entrance via Chapel Road