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WAACSA’s mission in the light of the Council 50 Declaration

“We, disciples of Jesus, faithful Catholic members of the people of God, assembled in Rome on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the close of the Second Vatican Council … after praying to the Holy Spirit, in following Jesus and with the spirit of Vatican II and of the Pact of the Catacombs in mind, commit ourselves
(a) to work for the further renewal of our Church so that she testifies to the Spirit of Jesus and the strength of the Gospel to meet the challenges of our time, and
(b) to contribute to the reorientation of our world especially by giving a voice to the poor and the marginalised, so that it may become a world of peace, justice and solidarity, a world that respects our planet as our common home, and allows every person to blossom in their individuality and deepens the value accorded to their humanity.”
Preamble to the Declaration
Saturday 16 April 2016
9.30 for 10.00, finishing at 12.15

Harry Wilkinson Community Centre, Rosebank Catholic Church
16 Keyes Avenue, Rosebank

RSVP by Thursday 14 April
for purposes of organising tea/coffee/biscuits and seating: