You are invited to a talk by Dr NONTANDO HADEBE

The Catholic Church in Africa, as guardian, protector and sustainer of life”

Saturday 29 August 2015
9.30 for 10.00, finishing at 12.15

Harry Wilkinson Community Centre, Rosebank Catholic Church
16 Keyes Avenue, Rosebank

RSVP by Thursday 27 August for purposes of organising tea/coffee/biscuits and seating!

Dr Nontando Hadebe is a lay woman theologian. She points out that she is, too, very definitely an African theologian, of mixed African heritage – her late mother was from Botswana, her father Zimbabwean, and her grandfather South African.

Nontando Hadebe will be one of two keynote speakers at the Council 50 conference in Rome in late November.

In July, she participated in the Colloquium on Church, Religion and Society in Africa, held in Kenya and involving 36 prominent theologians and bishops (including Kevin Dowling). She is quoted prominently in the attached article from the National Catholic Reporter (11 August). If you click on the Source URL reference at the end of the article it will take you to some excellent photographs, one of them of Nontando.

Nontando Hadebe has a doctorate in theology from St Augustine College, having previously completed undergraduate and post graduate degrees at the University of KwaZulu Natal, Pietermaritzburg. Her first studies were in law, in Zimbabwe, where she specialized in the Law and Administration of Deceased Estates at the High Court of Zimbabwe, before turning to theology.

She is a member of the Circle of Concerned African Women Theologians as well as the TCCRSA Women’s Caucus comprising catholic women theologians in Africa. Raised as a Catholic, her spiritual journey subsequently took her to the Baptist and Anglican/Lutheran churches, and thence back to the Catholic church. A common feature is that all the churches sent her to study theology, giving her a comprehensive theological education that includes Evangelical, Liberal protestant and Catholic theologies!

She has recently returned from the USA, where she was Visiting Fellow at the Jesuit School of Theology, Santa Clara University (Aug-Dec 2014) and Fulbright scholar in residence at Emmanuel College, Boston (January-May 2015).

Before that, she had taught undergraduate studies fulltime at St Augustine for some years, where she is currently a part time lecturer. She will be resuming fulltime work at the college next year when the undergraduate programme is reinstated.