"Where the Spirit is, there is freedom"

2Cor 3:17

WE ARE ALL CHURCH is a movement of Catholics in South Africa who are committed to the Gospel message and the ongoing renewal of the Church initiated by the Second Vatican Council.

OUR VISION is of a Church of love, mercy and justice in which the voices of all its members can be heard and valued in a spirit of co-responsibility, and which is fully engaged with a changing world.

OUR MISSION is to help strengthen and support the mission of the Church, especially in South Africa and in our local churches, through promoting dialogue and empowering lay people in particular to take up more responsible and informed roles as evangelising Christians


  • To promote open dialogue about contemporary theological and pastoral issues and concerns especially those that arise from lay perspectives
  • To support primacy of conscience and the need for questioning and dialogue
  • To promote a culture within our Church communities which will enable women and men equally to play a more active part and take up appropriate leadership roles in the Church’s mission
  • To promote a more inclusive Church and help Church communities to become “a place for all” where people who feel marginalised for whatever reason might be welcomed and loved
  • To study the gospel message to discern how to live it in our own times and contexts
  • To continually deepen our own personal encounters with Jesus Christ, in community with others


Our motto is Archbishop Denis Hurley’s motto: “Ubi spiritus, ibi libertas” (2 Cor 3:17).

Our Spiritual Director is Fr Larry Kaufmann CssR

National Coordinators: Brian and Francoise Robertson

Gauteng Coordinator: Douglas Irvine

KwaZulu-Natal Coordinator: Mervyn Pollitt

Western Cape Coordinator: Peter Soal

Website: www.weareallchurch.co.za


(Updated 2018)